As we embark on this journey of life, sometimes there are various trials and tribulations that we are not prepared for. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide therapy to help you process personal or interpersonal issues. 

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“We give you the tools to empower yourself to live your best life!”

— lindsey dial, FOUNDER



of the U.S. adults with a mental health condition do not receive proper treatment.


of adults struggle with a mental health problems annually.


of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health coniditions.  



Our Services

We have clinicians on board to help you on your journey to healing. We understand that sometimes in life we are subjected to and/or witness trauma, unfortunate circumstances and hurdles we believe are impossible to get through. We offer an individualized approach to meet each client’s needs, focusing on their strengths in the process. 

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The main thing would be you’re empathetic and in touch with reality. You have interpersonal skills that help you relate to your client’s worldview; your very insightful and attuned with my feelings even when I cannot articulate them. You have a sense of acceptance and very solution-focused. You have taught me how to communicate more effectively with my children. Some things that I remember that you helped me with was me learning how to put my family first and not just focus on my immediate needs. Always teaching me forgiveness; problem solving skill and helping me set realistic goals.
— K.B.
What I like most about my therapist is that you take your time with me because I know I’m hard to deal with; you never force me to talk about anything that I don’t want to and you really work with me in regards to my schedule. The biggest trials you have helped me with are the rape and my marriage.
— C.M.
The best thing that I like about your services was your effort to help me and my girls find balance between ourselves and as a family unit. You have always kept your true word and gave me feedback from the heart. You have been flexible with appointments; at first, I was a little hesitant to receive services to meet with you to discuss concerns about my daughters. I had many eye-opening moments in our sessions. I would have to say you really guided me with different ways to deal with my daughters and myself. You have showed me how to communicate effectively by not allowing my emotions to take over. You have also showed me how to set healthy boundaries with my family; not taking on everyone else’s tasks and responsibilities. I really can say I do enjoy talking to you. Thank you for helping me help myself and my family.
— K.M.


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